[asterisk-dev] IMPORTANT: GitHub Cherry-Pick Policy Change

asterisk at phreaknet.org asterisk at phreaknet.org
Mon May 1 07:04:11 CDT 2023

On 5/1/2023 7:56 AM, Joshua C. Colp wrote:
> On Mon, May 1, 2023 at 8:47 AM Sebastian Gutierrez <scgm11 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:scgm11 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     George,
>     Maybe using GitHub discussions is a better way to have this
>     information and allows everybody to see and comment in a better
>     way than mailing lists.
> We're split across the mailing lists and IRC currently, adding GitHub 
> discussions into the mix seems like adding a third option to things 
> and spreading this out even further. It's certainly possible that is 
> where developer stuff will go in the future, but whilst we try to 
> stabilize our GitHub usage I'm hesitant to throw more change into the 
> mix. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

I think posting this announcement to the mailing list was just fine. 
They all serve different purposes:

  * IRC is good for realtime chat, but not everyone is on there all the
  * Mailing lists are the best way of making announcements that everyone
    needs to see, as everyone will see it eventually. I wouldn't have
    seen the note about cherry picks with any other method.
  * A website/wiki is a better permanent record of important information
    for people to reference, but people aren't going to check these
    regularly, only when they're looking for something, so not good for
  * Personally, I rarely look at the Discourse forum, and there's not
    much there for developers

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