[asterisk-dev] Testsuite python3 compatibility

Corey Farrell git at cfware.com
Thu Jun 14 12:56:56 CDT 2018

Sorry for the delayed reply I've been busy with other projects lately.

On 06/06/2018 04:38 AM, Alexander Traud wrote:
> I love to help. However, before I apply your patch, I need a running
> Test Suite first. In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with branch Master, 11 test cases
> fail for me, for example ASTERISK-27897. In that report you see my
> concrete steps. Perhaps you spot the mistake. In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with
> branch 15.4, 30 test cases fail. 5 cases, which fail in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
> do not fail in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Consequently, I have still 6 cases
> which fail. Is it OK, that 6 tests cannot be verified?
6 is less than I would face on my machine.  It would be very helpful to 
me if you could run the test again with my patch and just post your 
before / after asterisk-test-suite-report.xml to ASTERISK-26826 (please 
be sure to rename them before uploading so JIRA shows different filenames).
>> </wiki/display/AST/Installing+the+Asterisk+Test+Suite>
>> is a bit out of date.
> Uhh, I hoped I had overlooked something. I knew that wiki page. The
> Test Suite requires much more Python modules (see below). That Wiki
> would help much more if it described the platform/version used. That
> Wiki entry is Red Hat Fedora. However,
> 1) Which Fedora version is it exactly?
> 2) How are the Python modules installed (pip or package manager)?
> Those two puzzle pieces would help much.
Sorry I don't know which version of Fedora the wiki is based on, I 
suspect it's been updated a few times.
>> asttest [is] not compatible with current versions of Lua.
> Yes, it does not work with Lua 5.3 or 5.2 and still requires 5.1.
>> If you have to install [SIPp] from source please download the latest
>> version, not 3.4.1.
> Because I want support for SIP-over-TLS in Ubuntu, I had to go for the
> source. However, even the latest SIPp release, I had to patch for
> OpenSSL 1.1.x. By the way, do you know why this 'greater 3.4.1'
> requirement is not reflected by any dependency check:
> $ ./runtests.py --list-tests
I'm not sure.  Really event the current 'master' unreleased version of 
sipp has at least one bug-fix that has impacted the asterisk.org jenkins 
server.  I'm not aware of any situation where running a newer version of 
sipp causes a problem.
>> Some additional python modules needed:
>> autobahn, lxml, construct, netifaces, pyxb.
> ... plus numpy, requests, twisted, and yaml. For construct, I had to go
> for construct.legacy and patch four files: ASTERISK-27893.
Thanks for looking into these and for the patches you've posted recently.
>> skipped due to each dependency.
> Puh. I was able to reduce everything to 3 missing dependencies: remote,
> statsd, and rtpdump. Although I was able to install rtpdump, my variant
> did not take a parameter 'd': ASTERISK-27080. Another 3 tests fail
> and I have no idea why:
> - tests/masquerade,
> - tests/hep/rtcp-sender, and
> - tests/hep/rtcp-receiver.
> Consequently, 6 cases cannot be tested for regressions.
>> a full testsuite run is required to verify no errors. I do not have
>> adequate hardware
> By the way, what exactly do you mean by this? Perhaps, I face the same
> issue.
I'm working off a laptop which gets hotter than I'd like by running the 
testsuite.  I routinely face lock-up of the testsuite run where I'll 
have to kill a process before things will progress.  If you've got it 
down to only 6 tests that cannot pass it would be very helpful to see 
the list of regressions plus the list of 6 tests where regressions could 
not be checked.

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