[asterisk-dev] asterisknow-version

Jonathan White uvacity at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 26 19:32:01 CST 2014

I’m not sure this is the correct channel to use but can I suggest the asterisknow-version rpm is not a dependency for asterisk13 and above?

I understand the reason why this was done initially but it courses more problems that it solves

First asterisknow-version overwrites the issues file which we use for displaying system information
Second if you de install or mark asterisknow-version not to be installed in kickstart, you can not update your asterisk installation due to asterisknow-version being a dependency

Is there a way to stop asterisknow-version from overwriting the issues file?

Lastly I think there is a difference with the way repository data is compiled for asterisk 12 and above. I use revisor to help generate installation media. Revisor happily collects the repo data and downloads the required RPM’s when I use the Asterisk 11 repos but Asterisk 12 and above I have download the packages locally, compile my own repo data and use a local repository rather than the official site. Is there a difference in the way the repo data is generated in asterisks 12 and above?


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