[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 3607: [app_queue] Add the optional ability to load queue rules from realtime.

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Sun Aug 10 19:07:31 CDT 2014

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Committed in revision 420624

Bugs: ASTERISK-23823

Repository: Asterisk


This patch gives the ability (optional) to keep queuerules in realtime (important to notice that rules would be loaded from both realtime and file too)
To use add to queuerules.conf general section with option to turn the relatime on (note that after patch there is no option to call rule "general" as it is reserved for queuerules settings):

realtime_rules = yes

and add the realtime setting to extconfig.conf, for example in my case it's mysql and it looks like(will attach the .sql with create for table):

queue_rules => mysql,asterisk,queue_rules

in table as you can see you need to specify rule name and as in regular rules you can use relative setings for min and max (with "-" and "+", e.g. "+100")
if one of the rule parameters is wrong it would be ignored, basically validation is like from file.
here is the the example of table context as an example:

rule_name, time, min_penalty, max_penalty
'default', '10', '20', '30'
'test2', '20', '30', '55'
'test2', '25', '-11', '+1111'
'test2', '400', '112', '333'
'test3', '0', '4564', '46546'
'test_rule', '40', '15', '50'

which would result in :

Rule: default
	After 10 seconds, adjust QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY to 30 and adjust QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY to 20
Rule: test2
	After 20 seconds, adjust QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY to 55 and adjust QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY to 30
	After 25 seconds, adjust QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY by 1111 and adjust QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY by -11
	After 400 seconds, adjust QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY to 333 and adjust QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY to 112
Rule: test3
	After 0 seconds, adjust QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY to 46546 and adjust QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY to 4564
Rule: test_rule
	After 40 seconds, adjust QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY to 50 and adjust QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY to 15

If you use realtime, the rules will be always reloaded (no cache option here), in other words it would delete all rules and re-add them from realtime and file. It's important to understand that with realtime on it would reload rules from file doesn't matter if file was or was not change.
While with the option off it would act exactly like it was before patch (file would not be reloaded if it was not changed)


  trunk/apps/app_queue.c 415442 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3607/diff/


Currently the tests were made on development machine.


Michael K.

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