[asterisk-dev] [svn-commits] transnexus: branch 1.8 r338137 - /branches/1.8/apps/app_osplookup.c

Di-Shi Sun di-shi at transnexus.com
Thu Sep 29 21:46:24 CDT 2011

Hi Paul,

Would you please show me the commands to remove the changes in branch 1.8? I 
am not good at this part.

We will take care the configure.ac issue.

Another question, which branches are not feature freeze? We should apply the 
changes to them.


Di-Shi Sun.

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> On 11-09-28 09:38 PM, Di-Shi Sun wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> Thank you for review the modification. These chages mainly are a bug
>> fix. The osplookup application in branch 1.8, also in trunk, cannot be
>> compiled with OSP Toolkit 4.0.0 and later versions. If it is possible,
>> we would prefer applying it in branch 1.8. Please let me know if we
>> should remove the changes from branch 1.8 and use the SVN tools you
>> mentioned to merge them from trunk.
>> For configure.ac, I do not understand how to do. Do you mean except
>> committing configure.ac iteself, we should run bootstrap.sh and commit
>> the result "configure" file too?
>> Thanks,
>> Di-Shi Sun.
> Yes, you'll need to remove the code from 1.8, since new features cannot be 
> merged into it.
> And yes, after you run bootstrap.sh, you will need to commit all files it 
> touches. The configure binary will be changed, and needs to be committed 
> too.
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