[asterisk-dev] Paid developer wanted to work on ASTERISK-17875

Kirill Katsnelson kkm at adaptiveai.com
Mon Jun 20 20:41:34 CDT 2011

On 110620 0609, Alistair Cunningham wrote:
> has their 1.8 patch accepted into the
> Digium repository for inclusion in future 1.8.X versions of Asterisk.
> This offer is good until the end of June.

Ehm. It takes from few months to few years for a user-uploaded patch to 
make it into the Asterisk codebase--*provided* that happens at all. All 
that time the patch is normally available for people to use (including 
yourself). By your rules, the patch will be free for you. I believe that 
you should adjust your rules for the long and random patch acceptance time.

I am neutral here, for I am not trying to fix that (we never seen the 
issue, SIP only here). Just pointing at the discrepancy.


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