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Review request for Asterisk Developers, Russell Bryant, dimas, Leif Madsen, and dafe_von_cetin.


been busy over the weekend ...

1)chan_sip now has a T38 Switchover option as a partner to fax detect to trigger T38 via res_fax
2)asterisk internals will see this switchover and try negotiate on peer when answered using res_fax

There is now no need for a "gateway" app as per mantis patch / callweaver all is done via 3 exports from res_fax

1)A procedure that handles all T38 parameter negotiations and stores them in the fax data store and passes them to the channel this is the hook for all T38 across all channels no data is manipulated here only handled and stored this is important to maintain transparency
2)a switchover routine that will allow any channel regardless of T38 support to enable the gateway on fax detection as can be seen in the chan_Sip patch [included] this is straight forward
3)before a channel is bridged if it has been switched over above or if the endpoint has switched over [there will be a T38 parameter on the channel in the faxstore] a request for negotiation with the appropriate settings will be sent to the peer.

Regards Greg


Hi there the patch that was going around circa 2008 to implement this in 1.4/1.6 app_fax has been moved to trunk [1.10]
ive made some cleanups and moved it into res_fax res_fax_spandsp this is the framework and not production code
unfortunately i have no means of testing it at the moment and require help.

i have cleaned the code up substantially it is related to R459

hope this is found useful and aids in the goal to get it in 1.10.

Adds application FaxGateway / FaxDetect
Adds alternate bridge to Dial with new option.

This addresses bug 13405.

Diffs (updated)

  /trunk/channels/chan_sip.c 308944 
  /trunk/channels/sip/include/sip.h 308944 
  /trunk/include/asterisk/channel.h 308944 
  /trunk/include/asterisk/res_fax.h 308944 
  /trunk/main/channel.c 308944 
  /trunk/res/res_fax.c 308944 
  /trunk/res/res_fax_spandsp.c 308944 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1116/diff




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