[asterisk-dev] app_sms

Sebastian scgm11 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 06:06:29 CST 2011



I'm having some problems with the sms app.



SMS is read correctly but the carrier keep sending the same message until I
think a timeout on his part.

I use SMS protocol 1, the SMS arrives correctly but the carrier keeps
sending the sms it seems that it needs some kind of delivery status or
something like that, would be great to get in touch with the developer of
this feature to improve it.


Other interesting thing would be store SMS message and SMS From on variables
that could be use directly from the dialplan.
example: ${SMSMessage}, ${SMSFrom}

I can help with this as soon someone point me on the right direction where
are obtained this values on the code, so I can put it into variables.






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