[asterisk-dev] Reviewboard/Mantis/JIRA and License Agreement integration unhappiness?

Konstantin M. evilzluk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 16:15:59 CST 2011

No my friend. I think it's a problem caused not by some technical bugs but
by human factor.
Now your LA should be pre-moderated.
I did it a seveal times, the average response time  is 10-15 (or even more)
days, and each time it's was declined
by a various reasons, like 'please list your full first name', 'please list
your full address' or something like that.
This is only one way communication, there is no nick/name of a person who
declines your LA.
Caused that annoying fact I loose an interest in committing/reviewing a
code on a reviewboard.
Just was some inconvenience in developing patches, revision controls, etc,
caused my svn absense.
Now I did it my way. I install svn and it's related parts and now I have my
svn with a blackjack and XXX...

Just wait and accept the situation or forget.

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> Subject: [asterisk-dev] Reviewboard/Mantis/JIRA and License Agreement
>        integration unhappiness?
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> Hi all, kpfleming suggested I post here to reach the powers that be.
> I signed a license agreement a long time ago (back when they had to be
> faxed in) and made some contributions via Mantis (username: kb1_kanobe2).
> My participation eventually dwindled and my account idled. At some point
> something must have changed as Mantis now shows me as not having completed
> a license agreement. Recently JIRA was introduced and the Mantis database
> frozen. Now I'd like to make some more contributions so I reactivated my
> account on JIRA - JIRA also reported no license agreement. No problem, I
> submitted a new one and got an email back at the beginning of November that
> it was approved. Now I'd like to participate in the Code Review board
> however when I try to log in it reports:
> You do not have a current license agreement. You must complete the
> electronic license agreement on https://issues.asterisk.org/ to log in to
> reviewboard.
> I presume it's still looking at the Mantis tables, but if I try to
> complete a license agreement over there I get an Insert permission denied.
> Help?
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