[asterisk-dev] Reviewboard/Mantis/JIRA and License Agreement integration unhappiness?

Kris Boutilier Kris.Boutilier at scrd.ca
Tue Dec 6 16:20:38 CST 2011

... however, my new LA has already been -approved- (JIRA shows it as approved back in early November). JIRA is working fine. The Mantis database, however, is read-only so the new approval doesn't show up there. I presume the Code Review Board is still referencing the Mantis database and that's what is affecting sign-in.


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No my friend. I think it's a problem caused not by some technical bugs but by human factor.
Now your LA should be pre-moderated.
I did it a seveal times, the average response time  is 10-15 (or even more) days, and each time it's was declined
by a various reasons, like 'please list your full first name', 'please list your full address' or something like that.

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