[asterisk-dev] ast_app_dtget inconsistency?

Dmitry Andrianov Dmitry.Andrianov at dataart.com
Mon Oct 11 18:08:27 CDT 2010

I noticed strange thing in the code decided to share., main/app.c, ast_app_dtget function at the very beginning it tries to configure the timeout unless it is specified:

        if (!timeout && chan->pbx) {
                timeout = chan->pbx->dtimeoutms / 1000.0;
        } else if (!timeout) {
                timeout = 5;

Both branches indicate  the final value for timeout is in seconds. However I believe ast_waitfordigit accepts timeout in milliseconds.
And as I see when ast_app_dtget is called by builtin_atxfer, the timeout passed is also in ms. So I guess the code above may be wrong.

Dmitry Andrianov

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