[asterisk-dev] Second time Parking issue

max.asterisk max.asterisk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 15:20:59 CDT 2010

Hello All,
I have a issue with park and pickup feature.
I have asterisk 1.4.35 branch,
Here is the scenario for the park and pickup.
I have changed parking feature with *72 for my asterisk in features.conf.

When i have inbound call it comes to one extension or ring group and then I
put that inbound call in parking.
After that I will dial some extension to get that call back, I am using
parkedcalls application for that.
It is working fine, the issue is now when i have picked up call and
connected again then I want to park that inbound call second time,
But asterisk is not allowing that dtmf or parking.
I am not able to do park same call second time.

can any one help me for second time parking on inbound call.
Thanks in advance.

Max Alex
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