[asterisk-dev] Hangup Detection Problem In Turkey

Fernando Berretta fernando.berretta at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 09:17:31 CDT 2010


Have you tried taking tones from PSTN and modifying zonedata.c as you need ?

Best Regards,

On 6/23/2010 4:34 AM, Mehmet GÜLER wrote:
> Hi,
> Although zonedata.c contains ITU E.180 recommendations for Turkey,  we 
> are still experiencing unrecognized hangups from Turk Telekom PSTN 
> lines when callers hangup.
> Turk Telekom does *not* provide supervised disconnects on analog PSTN, 
> and the tone we receive we when caller hangs up is similar to busy, 
> with three short beeps, followed by one long beep, which keeps 
> repeating. We've tried busydetect, polarityswitch, etc. with no success.
> As it stands, asterisk using dahdi (with Digium TDM410p) does not work 
> in Turkey. Can offer small bounty for any developer wishing to solve 
> this issue.
> The technology we have used shown below;
> Asterisk
> Libpri
> Dahdi 2.3.0
> Ubuntu Server 9.10
> Kind Regards

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