[asterisk-dev] Hangup Detection Problem In Turkey

Mehmet GÜLER mehmet.guler at proniva.com
Wed Jun 23 02:34:19 CDT 2010



Although zonedata.c contains ITU E.180 recommendations for Turkey,  we are
still experiencing unrecognized hangups from Turk Telekom PSTN lines when
callers hangup.

Turk Telekom does *not* provide supervised disconnects on analog PSTN, and
the tone we receive we when caller hangs up is similar to busy, with three
short beeps, followed by one long beep, which keeps repeating. We've tried
busydetect, polarityswitch, etc. with no success.

As it stands, asterisk using dahdi (with Digium TDM410p) does not work in
Turkey. Can offer small bounty for any developer wishing to solve this


The technology we have used shown below;



Dahdi 2.3.0

Ubuntu Server 9.10


Kind Regards


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