[asterisk-dev] DAHDI FXO Reorder Tone

Fernando Berretta fernando.berretta at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 16:02:36 CDT 2010


I'm having problems with a Digium board to detect Reorder Tones over 
Argentinean analog line. I've


But.. I still have problems so.. I would like to know where can I change busypatterns I think someplace in Dahdi code should be the possibility to set reorder tones patterns like:
Low Freq [Hz]=410
High Freq [Hz]=430
Low Freq Level [-dBm]= 10
High Freq Level [-dBm]=24
First Signal On Time=30
First Signal Off Time=20
Second Signal On Time=30
Second Signal Off Time]=20

Could some one point me how source file should I modify in DAHDI source code ?

Best Regards,

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