[asterisk-dev] SMDI Function Call Redux

Bill Sofko wills at wildwood.edu
Tue Jan 27 11:11:40 CST 2009

Asterisk Developers Mailing List <asterisk-dev at lists.digium.com> writes:
>Hey!  I ended up merging the patch in to Asterisk, actually.  It did  
>not make it in to 1.6.0, as we worked on this after 1.6.0 had already  
>been feature frozen.  However, the updated functionality is in 1.6.1.

Wow -- excellent! I will download the 1.6.1 beta and work with that. This
is great news.
>If you run into any problems, please post them on bugs.digium.com.

Will do.

>Thanks again!

No, Russell, thank you -- your effort is much appreciated. I'll let you
know how things work out (probably a couple of weeks, but we're definitely
on it).

- Bill

Bill Sofko
Chief Technology Officer
Wildwood Programs

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