[asterisk-dev] Answering Machine Detection (was: Re: Call Detection)

Philipp Kempgen philipp.kempgen at amooma.de
Sun Jan 25 14:29:03 CST 2009

David Phillips schrieb:
> We have an installation of PBXinAFlash. We have a current application that
> dials an outbound telephone number and plays a pre-recorded message. In the
> meantime, it also updates a mySQL database with the success or failure of
> the call. We call this ZAD and we have the source code (bash) to this
> application. The application monitors a mySQL table and when a new record
> appears, it gets the source and destination numbers from the table then
> makes the call with asterisk (using a call file). 
> We have another application called PAD. Our programmer told us that this
> application is what detects whether a human or answering machine has
> answered and determines when to start playing the pre-recorded message. It
> also reports back to ZAD (presumably) whether it was a human or answering
> machine that answered. We do NOT have the source code for this application
> and it won't be given to us.
> The issue is that PAD is incorrectly reporting human/answering machine
> constantly. This is causing issues for us. Unfortunately, we have not been
> able to get an update to the PAD application either. :(
> I've been looking for a replacement for PAD and found that asterisk 1.4
> comes with MachineDetect().  I'm just trying to figure out exactly how I
> could implement this.

I have no idea how accurately it can detect answering machines.

> I'm new to asterisk programming, so please go easy on me. :)

Ok. Anyway  :-)
- This is a question suitable for the asterisk-users mailing list
  (not -dev).
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