[asterisk-dev] development possibilities with existing SW

Steven Hoffmann talkingcommunities at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 13:54:16 CST 2009

We developed and maintain web-conferencing software using client/server
technology and GSM codec for VOIP conferencing online. We have had requests
for a feature to allow people to connect to conferences via phone by dialing

My FIRST question is: Could Asterisk be used to create an altered PABX where
people wold dial into a number and then press a "pin" number that would
connect them to one of our conference rooms.

I think there are several ways it could be done. One thing we have already
is "streaming" the soud from a conference room in MP3, so this might be able
to be impemented into Asterisk. The other option would be to have a "special
client" connected into the conferenceroom that would then relay all sound to
asterisk and any connected number.

My FOLLOWUP question the is if it is a pssibiity, who would be interested in
developing this, at what cost, and how long would it take. Also, what
additional things would we need on our end for it to work? (example: phone
line(s), dedicated computer(s), DSL lines, etc.)

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