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Hello Steve,

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On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Steven Hoffmann
<talkingcommunities at gmail.com> wrote:
> We developed and maintain web-conferencing software using client/server
> technology and GSM codec for VOIP conferencing online. We have had requests
> for a feature to allow people to connect to conferences via phone by dialing
> in.
> My FIRST question is: Could Asterisk be used to create an altered PABX where
> people wold dial into a number and then press a "pin" number that would
> connect them to one of our conference rooms.
> I think there are several ways it could be done. One thing we have already
> is "streaming" the soud from a conference room in MP3, so this might be able
> to be impemented into Asterisk. The other option would be to have a "special
> client" connected into the conferenceroom that would then relay all sound to
> asterisk and any connected number.
> My FOLLOWUP question the is if it is a pssibiity, who would be interested in
> developing this, at what cost, and how long would it take. Also, what
> additional things would we need on our end for it to work? (example: phone
> line(s), dedicated computer(s), DSL lines, etc.)
> Thanks,
> Steve
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