[asterisk-dev] Professional Services required

Andrew Kohlsmith (Mailing List Account) aklists at mixdown.ca
Wed Dec 30 12:13:50 CST 2009

On December 30, 2009 02:35:24 am Amit Patkar | Avhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
> How can I get professional help / services to develop applications / tools
> specific to my requirements? I don't have enough expertise to develop these
> applications / tools at this time.

I normally don't advocate cross-posting, but I think that this kind of request 
that warrants it.  I find -users FAR too wordy to follow, and -biz filled with 
too much fluff to be useful.  If I were you, I would post to asterisk-users, 
asterisk-dev and asterisk-biz with your request for quotes. I'm located near 
Toronto, Ontario in Canada, and there is a very strong Asterisk user's group 
in that area, with their own mailing lists which would also be a good place to 

Since you're looking for a professional, please treat your prospective 
contractor professionally. It seems obvious, but this means including enough 
details in your post so that people like me can determine the amount of work 
required and reply with a useful quote. If you have specific budget or time 
constraints please make sure you mention this as well, since it will directly 
impact the cost of such a project.

There are a LOT of really good Asterisk professionals lurking around these 
lists. If you're willing to take the time to write up a clear and thorough 
requirements document I am positive that you will find someone who is not only 
technically capable but also professional.


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