[asterisk-dev] Propagation of cidnum/cidname to the called party in Originate cmd (

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Dec 30 12:12:49 CST 2009

  I'm trying to improve the Originate CLI command to be able to pass a number
and name to the A-party of the call. I've successfully modified
res_clioriginate.c to accept two more arguments on the command line, with the
number and name. It's working well.
  HOWEVER, it has a drawback. Now, the number and name entered is propagating
also to the B-side of the call, which is unneeded and unwanted. Without the
num/name, A-party gets empty number and name of "Asterisk" and B-party gets
correct number and name of A-party. With the number/name entered, both parties
are getting them.
  How to prevent this unneeded propagation ? I was unable to find the program
code which is causing this :-(.

  With regards, Pavel

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