[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Crashes after 100 Bridged Calls in SIP?

JR Richardson jmr.richardson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 17:17:48 CST 2009

Hi All,

I'm doing some SIP testing with  Using sipp to slam some
calls  with and without media.  Without media, asterisk holds up well,
I can get about 4000+ channels established and stable, low proc
utilization, just seems to work fine.

When I call asterisk, playback an audio file, I can only get right at
100 calls, about 200 SIP channels established.  When I push over 200
to about 209, asterisk crashes.  This is consistent and repeatable.
This happens regardless of calls per second.

I have all my file limits set for 65535 and have [options] 'maxfiles =
65000' set in asterisk.conf.

Someone in the dev channel suspected a bug had already been posted,
this may be a known issue, but I could not find any bug reported about
this problem or anything similar.

Any ideas on what to look for or if there is a bug already, what is
the issue number?


JR Richardson
Engineering for the Masses

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