[asterisk-dev] Disabling frame cache to workaround #16374 - negative impact ?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Dec 14 12:01:29 CST 2009

> Hi!
>   I'm hit by issue #16374 - Asterisk crash after hanging a DAHDI channel doing
> ReceiveFax(). It crashes with 100% probability on
>   As written in the issue , there is a workaround by putting LOW_MEMORY define
> onto frame.c, which disables frame cache. My question is, what is the primary
> purpose of this cache and whether disabling it will not decrease Asterisk
> performance too much.
>   It would be good to have this bug fixed soon.
>     With regards,
>        Pavel

  I've recompiled asterisk with #define LOW_MEMORY in frame.c and it still
crashes, but probably at some other place. It looks that ReceiveFax generates
some invalid frames when it is hanging, which is harmful. So, the recommended
workaround doesn't work for me :-(. I'm going to remove LOW_MEMORY again, as it
doesn't help.
  With regards, Pavel Troller

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