[asterisk-dev] Default audiohook inheritance

Dwayne Hubbard asterisk-dev at dwayne-hubbard.com
Mon Dec 14 14:27:08 CST 2009

About a year ago, Mark Michelson introduced a helpful dialplan function called AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT which enables the dialplan writer to specify whether or not [an] audiohook(s) should propagate to a new channel during a masquerade.  

I would like to start a discussion regarding the current behavior of audiohooks and more specifically whether audiohooks should propagate to the new channel during a masquerade by default.  In my opinion, the edge cases are where the dialplan writer would not want audiohooks to propagate to the new channel during a masquerade.  It is also my opinion that the average dialplan writer does not want to know which dialplan functions/applications/etc use audiohooks or masquerades under-the-hood.

My proposal is to merge the functionality of func_audiohookinherit.c into audiohook.c and to retain the AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT function for the edge cases where the dialplan writer wants to disable (or re-enable) the inheritance of audiohooks on a channel.

If the Asterisk community and Digium agree, I would be more than happy to provide the patch.

Dwayne Hubbard
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