[asterisk-dev] app_meetme call for testing: Roll call, eject all, mute all, record in-conf

Ryan Finnie ryan at finnie.org
Fri Dec 4 13:18:16 CST 2009

Hello all,

I have submitted a patch against SVN for new admin DTMF menu
functionality in the MeetMe app.  The patch is at:


It implements the following menu options:
*81 - Roll call (or simply user count if INTROUSER isn't enabled)
*82 - Eject all non-admins
*83 - Mute/unmute all non-admins
*84 - Start recording the conference on the fly

You're going to need some dummy sounds in place for this test to work; they are:
conf-roll-call-complete - "Roll call complete"
conf-now-muted - "The conference is now muted"
conf-now-unmuted - "The conference is now unmuted"
conf-now-recording - "The conference is now being recorded"

"Eject all non-admins" is self-explanatory; it will look for anyone

"Mute/unmute all non-admins" keeps a temporary per-conference
persistent state; when you set it, it mutes any non-admins currently
in the room, but will also mute any new non-admins that enter.  When
the mute is toggled again, it removed the persistent state and unmutes
all non-admins.

"Roll call" will announce the number of users in the conference ("you
are currently the only person in this conference", "there is currently
1 other participant", etc).  Then, if INTROUSER is specified and users
have been recording names, it goes through and plays everyone with a
name.  It ends with "roll call complete".

Recording on the fly is basically a copy/paste of the code that starts
recording when CONFFLAG_RECORDCONF is specified.  It is not a toggle,
the recording lasts until conference is destroyed, because being able
to start/stop/start in app_meetme's current state would take some
decent work, from what it looks like.  The option does have a
safeguard in place to make sure you don't try to start multiple times,
but it also leaves it possible to make the option into a toggle
sometime in the future.

So please give the patch a try, and report your findings back at the
issue tracker, per lmadsen's request.  Thank you!

Ryan Finnie

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