[asterisk-dev] New feature in app_queue: Add support for ring indication when calling member

Håkon Nessjøen haakon at avelia.no
Fri Dec 4 09:01:16 CST 2009


I have made a patch for app_queue that adds a new parameter R to the Queue()
application, which switches from MOH to ringing when the agent's channel is
actually in ringing state.

If anyone with a test environment could test this feature, that would be

To test, patch your trunk asterisk, and add R option to a Queue(). Add one
or more members, and pause them, or make them otherwise unavailable, and
call in and listen to the MOH.
Then unpause one or more members, or make them available again, and you
should hear a ringing indication as the members phone is ringing.

Patch available at:

Håkon Nessjøen
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