[asterisk-dev] New committer - odicha

Thomas Kenyon digium at sanguinarius.co.uk
Tue Dec 1 04:07:46 CST 2009

Odicha wrote:
> Russell Bryant escribió:
>> Greetings,
>> Commit access for team branches has been granted to Jose A. Deniz
>> "odicha" for his work on GSM functionality.  Congratulations and welcome
>> to the development community, Jose!
> Hello Everyone.
> My name is Jose Antonio Deniz. My svn id is odicha. I give support for
> some drivers out of dahdi trunk (zaphfc) & some experimental channel too
> (chan_sebi for 3g modems at 1.4 trunk).
> I'm going to work mainly on gsm support for asterisk.
> So in a few days I'll upload a "draft". It'll have a library (mainly a
> port from libpri) & 2  dahdi modules. One of them will support Huawei
> E169/K3520 modems and the second one will support OpenVox G400P cards
> (4 Gsm ports).
> They'll be in a very inmature state. And my main idea about this is make
> tests at dahdi level. When we have some stable dahdi drivers we can
> focus into library development. (It's my idea). Any comment will be welcome.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> PS- The delay on answer is due to my holidays (too short anyway)

Did you try the 1.6 patch of chan_sebi (iirc provided my Martin Stubbs). 
It seems to work,
There are still some stability issues and I had a volume problem when 
transferring a chan_sebi
call, but other than that, I've had is running now for quite some time 
and it appears to work.
(also with the roaming patch I sent you, since this is necessary for the 
network I'm using it on).

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