[asterisk-dev] New committer - odicha

Odicha odi at odicha.net
Tue Dec 1 03:33:50 CST 2009

Russell Bryant escribió:
> Greetings,
> Commit access for team branches has been granted to Jose A. Deniz
> "odicha" for his work on GSM functionality.  Congratulations and welcome
> to the development community, Jose!
Hello Everyone.

My name is Jose Antonio Deniz. My svn id is odicha. I give support for
some drivers out of dahdi trunk (zaphfc) & some experimental channel too
(chan_sebi for 3g modems at 1.4 trunk).
I'm going to work mainly on gsm support for asterisk.
So in a few days I'll upload a "draft". It'll have a library (mainly a
port from libpri) & 2  dahdi modules. One of them will support Huawei
E169/K3520 modems and the second one will support OpenVox G400P cards
(4 Gsm ports).
They'll be in a very inmature state. And my main idea about this is make
tests at dahdi level. When we have some stable dahdi drivers we can
focus into library development. (It's my idea). Any comment will be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS- The delay on answer is due to my holidays (too short anyway)

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