[asterisk-dev] New license for db?

Philippe Lindheimer p_lindheimer at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 14:12:56 CDT 2008

I'm getting into this a bit late so sorry if I'm repeating something already said.

It would be great to see an option for astdb to use an alternative DB other than the builtin BerkleyDB. What ever changes are made though should be transparent to current astdb calls so that we can make sure to preserve the eco-system that revolves around Asterisk. (Manager access to astdb today and AGI scripts - which is used by GUIs, XML scripts, apps like iSymphony, etc.)

Russel is correct that anyone who does not need anything special should not be impacted, things should just work.

What I have always envisioned, conceptually, is to modify the db.c code so that you could configure it to transparently use func_odbc.c under the covers, thus preserving everything including all internal Asterisk code and the rest of the eco system around Asterisk.

If those are already implied in the previous discussion, then great. Otherwise...

Philippe Lindheimer
FreePBX Project Leader

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On Oct 27, 2008, at 4:07 AM, Sergey Tamkovich wrote:

> This won't be too hard, since realtime now supports store and destroy
> methods in addition to select and update,
> We could simplify code base and give a choice to an end user if we'll
> change astdb with realtime subsystem.
> Maybe i'm missing some points here, but i like an idea of realtime
> instead of astdb very much.

It's certainly possible, but as it stands, it does introduce an  
additional configuration burden on _every_ user of Asterisk.  The nice  
thing about astdb today is that it requires no additional  
configuration.  So for the minimal usage it gets inside the code, and  
for very basic dialplan usage, it's ready to go without any extra  
work.  But, if you want anything more advanced, you have to set up  
realtime or func_odbc.

Russell Bryant
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Digium, Inc.


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