[asterisk-dev] Asterisk, dahdi_dummy and recordings

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Sat Oct 18 00:34:35 CDT 2008

I also wrote:
> I wrote:
>> I am having problems getting recordings to work, and while this
>> may be a user list issue, I don't think it is.

>> Any conference set to record fails to record, silently when using
>> RealTime.  Using a static conference I do get a warning that there
>> is not DAHDI channel available.

>> What makes this odd is that name recordings do work.  I sprinkled
>> some debugging code and confirm that all of the recording setup
>> is working, right up until line 1749 that sets conf->lchan.

>> All of the tests in the if() statement are true right up until
>> the ast_request.

>> This system has no zap/DAHDI hardware, only dahdi_dummy, which is
>> loaded and the /dev/dahdi/* entries look right.  Chan_dahdi is
>> loaded and a manual reload does not produce any errors.

>> Any thoughts on what/where to look?

> After a bunch of digging, the issue is actually in trunk and
> not 1.6.0, but 1.6.0 is not free of issues.  Can a bug marshall
> re-open bug id 11040?  I am now seeing issues with option parsing
> that did not exist when the patch was closed, or at least not
> visible.

> The approach I used to allow moderators and normal callers to
> have separate options may be bogus, and I could use some hints
> towards a better approach.

I think I found it, and it strikes me as truly odd.
Even with the fixed realtime patch, I still could not get conferences
to record.  Announcements recorded fine, which caused me to look
in the wrong place, the code.

I found that even though I am only using dahdi_dummy, I needed to have
/etc/dahdi/system.conf (sample version is fine), and
/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf (again sample version is fine), and run
dahdi_cfg.  There is a chance that I did not need chan_dahdi.conf,
but I have not had time to test all combinations.

I do know that the two config files alone with Asterisk freshly started
did not allow recording, andf dahdi_cfg alone with no configs did not
allow recordings.

I suspect this is not the intended behavior, or if it is it might need
to be spelled out in the DAHDI readme otherwise users with only
dummy interfaces may be wondering why things just don't work.

Which raises another question, will I need to run dahdi_cfg every time
the system is restarted, or the dahdi* modules are reloaded?


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