[asterisk-dev] Asterisk, dahdi_dummy and recordings

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Thu Oct 16 12:50:00 CDT 2008

I wrote:
> I am having problems getting recordings to work, and while this
> may be a user list issue, I don't think it is.

> Any conference set to record fails to record, silently when using
> RealTime.  Using a static conference I do get a warning that there
> is not DAHDI channel available.

> What makes this odd is that name recordings do work.  I sprinkled
> some debugging code and confirm that all of the recording setup
> is working, right up until line 1749 that sets conf->lchan.

> All of the tests in the if() statement are true right up until
> the ast_request.

> This system has no zap/DAHDI hardware, only dahdi_dummy, which is
> loaded and the /dev/dahdi/* entries look right.  Chan_dahdi is
> loaded and a manual reload does not produce any errors.

> Any thoughts on what/where to look?

After a bunch of digging, the issue is actually in trunk and
not 1.6.0, but 1.6.0 is not free of issues.  Can a bug marshall
re-open bug id 11040?  I am now seeing issues with option parsing
that did not exist when the patch was closed, or at least not

The approach I used to allow moderators and normal callers to
have separate options may be bogus, and I could use some hints
towards a better approach.


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