[asterisk-dev] fatal app_fax error in asterisk16 -- ‘fax_state_t’ has no member named ‘t30_state’

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Mon Oct 13 20:42:11 CDT 2008

PGNet08 wrote:
> I've co'd & installed,
>   dahdi/linux/tags/2.0.0,  r5088
>   dahdi/tools/tags/2.0.0,  r5088
>   libpri/branches/1.4/,    r633
>   spandsp-0.0.6
There is your problem. The APIs have changed in spandsp-0.0.6, but 
Asterisk has not changed to match them. Use spandsp-0.0.5pre4.

I'm making a few more changes to the APIs before 0.0.6 settles. The 
latest snapshot should be close to the final look.


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