[asterisk-dev] fatal app_fax error in asterisk16 -- ‘fax_state_t’ has no member named ‘t30_state’

PGNet08 pgnet.trash+ast at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 19:49:33 CDT 2008

I've co'd & installed,

  dahdi/linux/tags/2.0.0,  r5088
  dahdi/tools/tags/2.0.0,  r5088
  libpri/branches/1.4/,    r633


  asterisk/branches/1.6.0, r148568

Config is ok,

	make menuselect


	make install

fails @,

	app_fax.c: In function 'transmit_audio':
	app_fax.c:344: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
(full output below)

Searching, I'm not finding much on this error.  It seems that
app_fax.c in asterisk v16x srce has replaced (?)
app_rxfax.c/app_txfax.c, previously in v14x.

I suspect a version incompatibility, or usual missing dependency ...
though not clear, atm.

Is this a known issue? Or, any suggestions as to how to resolve?


make install
CC="cc" CXX="g++" LD="" AR="" RANLIB="" CFLAGS="" make -C menuselect
CONFIGURE_SILENT="--silent" menuselect
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/asterisk/asterisk/menuselect'
gcc -g -c -D_GNU_SOURCE -Wall   -c -o menuselect_stub.o menuselect_stub.c
gcc -o menuselect menuselect.o strcompat.o menuselect_stub.o mxml/libmxml.a
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/asterisk/asterisk/menuselect'
menuselect/menuselect --check-deps   menuselect.makeopts
Generating embedded module rules ...
   [CC] stereorize.c -> stereorize.o
   [CC] frame.c -> frame.o
   [LD] stereorize.o frame.o -> stereorize
   [CC] streamplayer.c -> streamplayer.o
   [LD] streamplayer.o -> streamplayer
   [CC] muted.c -> muted.o
   [LD] muted.o -> muted
   [CC] check_expr.c -> check_expr.o
   [CC] ast_expr2.c -> ast_expr2.o
   [CC] ast_expr2f.c -> ast_expr2f.o
   [CC] strcompat.c -> strcompat.o
   [CC] threadstorage.c -> threadstorage.o
   [CC] clicompat.c -> clicompat.o
   [LD] check_expr.o ast_expr2.o ast_expr2f.o strcompat.o
threadstorage.o clicompat.o -> check_expr
   [CC] hashtest2.c -> hashtest2.o
   [CC] md5.c -> md5.o
   [CC] utils.c -> utils.o
   [CC] astobj2.c -> astobj2.o
   [CC] sha1.c -> sha1.o
   [LD] hashtest2.o md5.o utils.o astobj2.o sha1.o strcompat.o
threadstorage.o clicompat.o -> hashtest2
   [CC] hashtest.c -> hashtest.o
   [CC] hashtab.c -> hashtab.o
   [LD] hashtest.o md5.o hashtab.o utils.o sha1.o strcompat.o
threadstorage.o clicompat.o -> hashtest
   [CC] astcanary.c -> astcanary.o
   [LD] astcanary.o -> astcanary
   [CC] eagi-test.c -> eagi-test.o
   [CC] strcompat.c -> strcompat.o
   [LD] eagi-test.o strcompat.o -> eagi-test
   [CC] eagi-sphinx-test.c -> eagi-sphinx-test.o
   [LD] eagi-sphinx-test.o -> eagi-sphinx-test
   [CC] chan_agent.c -> chan_agent.o
   [LD] chan_agent.o -> chan_agent.so
   [CC] chan_dahdi.c -> chan_dahdi.o
   [LD] chan_dahdi.o -> chan_dahdi.so
   [CC] chan_iax2.c -> chan_iax2.o
   [CC] iax2-parser.c -> iax2-parser.o
   [CC] iax2-provision.c -> iax2-provision.o
   [LD] chan_iax2.o iax2-parser.o iax2-provision.o -> chan_iax2.so
   [CC] chan_local.c -> chan_local.o
   [LD] chan_local.o -> chan_local.so
   [CC] chan_mgcp.c -> chan_mgcp.o
   [LD] chan_mgcp.o -> chan_mgcp.so
   [CC] chan_oss.c -> chan_oss.o
   [CC] console_video.c -> console_video.o
   [CC] vgrabbers.c -> vgrabbers.o
   [CC] console_board.c -> console_board.o
   [LD] chan_oss.o console_video.o vgrabbers.o console_board.o -> chan_oss.so
   [CC] chan_phone.c -> chan_phone.o
   [LD] chan_phone.o -> chan_phone.so
   [CC] chan_sip.c -> chan_sip.o
   [LD] chan_sip.o -> chan_sip.so
   [CC] chan_skinny.c -> chan_skinny.o
   [LD] chan_skinny.o -> chan_skinny.so
   [CC] chan_unistim.c -> chan_unistim.o
   [LD] chan_unistim.o -> chan_unistim.so
   [CC] pbx_ael.c -> pbx_ael.o
   [LD] pbx_ael.o -> pbx_ael.so
   [CC] pbx_config.c -> pbx_config.o
   [LD] pbx_config.o -> pbx_config.so
   [CC] pbx_dundi.c -> pbx_dundi.o
   [CC] dundi-parser.c -> dundi-parser.o
   [LD] pbx_dundi.o dundi-parser.o -> pbx_dundi.so
   [CC] pbx_loopback.c -> pbx_loopback.o
   [LD] pbx_loopback.o -> pbx_loopback.so
   [CC] pbx_realtime.c -> pbx_realtime.o
   [LD] pbx_realtime.o -> pbx_realtime.so
   [CC] pbx_spool.c -> pbx_spool.o
   [LD] pbx_spool.o -> pbx_spool.so
   [CC] app_adsiprog.c -> app_adsiprog.o
   [LD] app_adsiprog.o -> app_adsiprog.so
   [CC] app_alarmreceiver.c -> app_alarmreceiver.o
   [LD] app_alarmreceiver.o -> app_alarmreceiver.so
   [CC] app_amd.c -> app_amd.o
   [LD] app_amd.o -> app_amd.so
   [CC] app_authenticate.c -> app_authenticate.o
   [LD] app_authenticate.o -> app_authenticate.so
   [CC] app_cdr.c -> app_cdr.o
   [LD] app_cdr.o -> app_cdr.so
   [CC] app_chanisavail.c -> app_chanisavail.o
   [LD] app_chanisavail.o -> app_chanisavail.so
   [CC] app_channelredirect.c -> app_channelredirect.o
   [LD] app_channelredirect.o -> app_channelredirect.so
   [CC] app_chanspy.c -> app_chanspy.o
   [LD] app_chanspy.o -> app_chanspy.so
   [CC] app_controlplayback.c -> app_controlplayback.o
   [LD] app_controlplayback.o -> app_controlplayback.so
   [CC] app_dahdibarge.c -> app_dahdibarge.o
   [LD] app_dahdibarge.o -> app_dahdibarge.so
   [CC] app_dahdiras.c -> app_dahdiras.o
   [LD] app_dahdiras.o -> app_dahdiras.so
   [CC] app_dahdiscan.c -> app_dahdiscan.o
   [LD] app_dahdiscan.o -> app_dahdiscan.so
   [CC] app_db.c -> app_db.o
   [LD] app_db.o -> app_db.so
   [CC] app_dial.c -> app_dial.o
   [LD] app_dial.o -> app_dial.so
   [CC] app_dictate.c -> app_dictate.o
   [LD] app_dictate.o -> app_dictate.so
   [CC] app_directed_pickup.c -> app_directed_pickup.o
   [LD] app_directed_pickup.o -> app_directed_pickup.so
   [CC] app_directory.c -> app_directory.o
   [LD] app_directory.o -> app_directory.so
   [CC] app_disa.c -> app_disa.o
   [LD] app_disa.o -> app_disa.so
   [CC] app_dumpchan.c -> app_dumpchan.o
   [LD] app_dumpchan.o -> app_dumpchan.so
   [CC] app_echo.c -> app_echo.o
   [LD] app_echo.o -> app_echo.so
   [CC] app_exec.c -> app_exec.o
   [LD] app_exec.o -> app_exec.so
   [CC] app_externalivr.c -> app_externalivr.o
   [LD] app_externalivr.o -> app_externalivr.so
   [CC] app_fax.c -> app_fax.o
app_fax.c: In function 'transmit_audio':
app_fax.c:344: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:347: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:348: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:349: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:353: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:418: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:420: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:459: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:462: error: 'fax_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c: In function 'transmit_t38':
app_fax.c:498: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:499: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't38'
app_fax.c:502: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:503: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:504: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:506: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:532: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't38'
app_fax.c:535: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:537: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
app_fax.c:567: error: 't38_terminal_state_t' has no member named 't30_state'
make[1]: *** [app_fax.o] Error 1
make: *** [apps] Error 2

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