[asterisk-dev] CDR Problem Proposals

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Thu Nov 20 15:49:49 CST 2008

Steve Murphy wrote:
> Hello--
> When I did it, catching CDR xfers, etc, in the
> bridge routine seemed such a good idea. After all,
> if we cut a CDR there, we were guaranteed to never
> miss a call leg! But the further I go down that road,
> the worse the decision appears.

Perhaps building CDRs into Asterisk is the wrong approach, and maybe we 
need to take the course of allowing people to build their own CDRs via 
the dialplan; and that just means providing them the tools to do it, and 
some examples of the most common scenarios (this is what CEL is supposed 
to be right?)

It seems everyone has a different idea about what CDRs are supposed to 
be, and how they are supposed to be represented, and perhaps no route 
you take is ever going to succeed at solving the underlying issue.

Just a thought, but I'd hate to see spend another round of trying, just 
to realize that perhaps there is no route to success using the current 

Leif Madsen

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