[asterisk-dev] extra vs core sounds

Andre Courchesne - Prival acourchesne at prival.ca
Mon Nov 17 06:30:31 CST 2008


   Great to hear we will have a revamp extra-fr package Clod.

   On the note of sound packages. I noticed that when a new sound package is 
released the checksum of all the sound file changes. I guess this is because the 
packages are rebuild from high sample rate "source" sound files.

   This makes it impossible to track changes inside the sound package. i.e. know 
which sound file changed.

   What I would like to see is either that only the changed files are 
regererated so that using checksum compare we can know which files changes.

   Or that a text file. kind of a changelog, be included in the sound file 
packages showing which file changed with maybe an explanation.

   Might be a good idea to move the sound version control to svn...

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Clod Patry wrote:
> hi,
> Like all the AMUG (Asterisk Montreal User Group) users already know, the 
> extra-fr will be available soon.
> All the prompts will be recorded again by June Wallack, which is the 
> official french language and will be included in future version of Asterisk.
> 1. While we're translating all these prompts, we noticed a bunch of 
> prompts are both in the core and in the extra.
> Why this exactly? Is there any way that we cut down these duplicate prompts?
> 2. Also, some prompts are really not professional and I propose a little 
> cleanup in these extra-fr:
> example:
> "Go and boil your bottoms you silly english kniggggits. I fart in your 
> general direction.  Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of 
> elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time."
> and the song Louie, Louie.
> I really don't see why we should manage such prompts.
> Since the extra is in progress of translating, I think if we can cleanup 
> a little that package, that will result of a good impact for future 
> foreign languages.
> What do you think about these two points?
> -- 
> Clod Patry

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