[asterisk-dev] Time for a bug fix phase?

Steve Davies davies147 at gmail.com
Fri May 30 09:16:00 CDT 2008

[snip most of the thread for brevity.]
Sorry if that makes it harder to read.

2008/5/29 John Lange <john at johnlange.ca>:
> Murf, I assume the features you are working on will be for a future
> version of Asterisk?
> Is there any chance of a simple non-controversial fix for 1.4.20 so that
> transfers can be logged again?
> I would be happy to patch and test and the diff would shed some light on
> the whole CDR thing so I might be able to make better progress on the
> code. I looked at it today but didn't get to far because I don't
> understand the mechanics behind how it works.

I am also interested to know what happens to "old data". While not
ideal, the current 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 data format is parseable (with
some effort), and most of the time tells most of the story, but for
90% of people is simply missing a couple of cases, notably a
blind-transfer case.

If you change the format too much, everyone is going to have to

a) Rewrite all of their CDR parsers
b) Find some way to migrate historical customer data

I am all for moving forwards, but do please keep in mind that lots of
effort will need to be put into it AFTER the code is changed, so
please consider a migration path.

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