[asterisk-dev] Parked Calls on FXS interfaces don't play the parked slot after Ast. 1.4.16

Paulo Garcia paulo.astdev at gmail.com
Mon May 26 15:20:09 CDT 2008


after version 1.4.16 I've realized that our call parking feature isn't
playing the parked slot anymore.

It seems that in res_features.c the test to see if the slot should be played
or not was modified in >1.4.17.

The new one is:

if (peer && ((pu->parkingnum != -1 && ast_strlen_zero(orig_chan_name)) ||
!strcasecmp(peer->name, orig_chan_name))) {

So I've checked that for me, the problem is that *peer->name* and
*orig_chan_name* are always different.

My test case:

- Calling from FXS/1 to FXS/2.
- FXS/2 issues a hookflash and dial 700
- The call is parked but no parked slot is announced.

I checked that orig_chan_name contains "FXS/1" and peer->name contains
"FXS/2" which make the test above fails.

Why peer->name and orig_chan_name should be equal to play the annoucement?
Is this correct?

I saw that SIP fones works normally, but chan_sip first calls
do_masquerade() and after calls ast_park_call() and my channel driver (and
chan_zap) is using ast_masq_park_call().

NOTE: To be sure, I tested it using an Digium FXS card as well and I had the
same behavior.

Any help will be appreciated.


Paulo Garcia
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