[asterisk-dev] Associating IAX2 audio frames with a particular call?

Tim Panton thp at westhawk.co.uk
Sun May 18 02:53:11 CDT 2008

On 18 May 2008, at 01:35, Dan Mills wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just a quick query:
> I am trying to write a virtual 'Hybrid' for a broadcast application,
> which is going to talk IAX2 on the telephony side.
> Now if I have multiple calls (which the library supports just fine),  
> and
> I quelch all except one, then it is straightforward, but I want to be
> able to run half a dozen calls simultaneously into my program and be
> able to separate the audio data for each one.
> Now I may well (it is probable, telephony is not my thing) be missing
> something really obvious, but I cannot see how to associate an audio
> frame with a particular call (other then by quelching all the other
> calls).
> I am guessing that opening up one IAX2 session per audio port on my
> device is NOT the way to do this?
> Can anyone advise how best get this to work?

Dan, I think I might need a diagram. IAX has a few neat tricks that can
probably help you, but I can't say which until we have a better  
picture of
the data flow.

One thing we have done (in use in twiddla.com) is to feed several  
into a lightly hacked meetme. The meetme is configured to do speaker
detection (and here is the hack) whenever the speaker changes it sends
a text frame to all the members containing the calleridname of the  
current speaker.

Of course speaker detection based on energy isn't perfect, but it  
works pretty well.


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