[asterisk-dev] Associating IAX2 audio frames with a particular call?

Tim Panton thp at westhawk.co.uk
Mon May 19 03:18:15 CDT 2008

On 18 May 2008, at 13:01, Dan Mills wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-05-18 at 00:37 -0400, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> Whaddayou doin' over here?  :-)
> CallCommander, Asterisk, <Hybrid>, Jack... You get the idea.
> Fred has some code dealing with the CC->Asterisk control bit, so it is
> just getting the audio in and out that is the thing that is the  
> problem.
>>> I am guessing that opening up one IAX2 session per audio port on my
>>> device is NOT the way to do this?
>> No, it probably *is*.  You'll be using JACK, right?  I would think
>> you'd want to put each call on it's on 'port' on the JACK side...
> I thought IAX2 supported running as a trunk carrying multiple calls?

It does. The only place this is implemented is in asterisk itself
(ie none of the client libraries implement it - though it wouldn't be
that hard to add).
Asterisk demultiplexes the audio in chan_iax2, so it's almost completely
hidden. The only clue that 2 audio streams arrived in the same IAX trunk
would be in the timing (and possibly the channel name).

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