[asterisk-dev] libpri zaptel dependency

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Sun May 18 05:36:45 CDT 2008


libpri has the following in its makefile:

ifeq (${OSARCH},FreeBSD)
CFLAGS += -I../zaptel -I../zapata

I can understand the INSTALL_BASE part. Though it's probably not as
FreeBSD-specific. Likewise the option to ldconfig .

But what are those CFLAGS? When we build libpri on FreeBSD, it suddenly
depends on zaptel? and on "zapata"?

A quick grep shows this dependency comes from pritest.c and pridump.c .

pridump.c has:

  #include <zaptel/zaptel.h>

and indeed it only depends on zaptel. pritest.c has:

  #include <zaptel/zaptel.h>
  #include <zap.h>

And is built with:

  pritest: pritest.o
          $(CC) -o pritest pritest.o -L. -lpri -lzap $(CFLAGS)

Is the zapata library still in use? Just on FreeBSD? It is a package
that has been removed from Debian because noone is using it. Anybody
actually uses those test programs?

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