[asterisk-dev] Caller/connected line ID updates * I NEED YOUR INPUT!!!

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Fri Jul 4 03:33:59 CDT 2008


We need to implement a way to update caller and callee identies during  
a bridged call
or a one-way call in Asterisk. Several people in the Asterisk  
community has been working
on this for a long time and we need to make a few design decisions and  
move forward.

To update a caller ID, we need a new AST_CONTROL message with or  
without payload.
The channel driver needs to be able to send and or receive this  
message and do what
they can do with it.

We also need to have a way to configure whether this should be done,  
per device
and per call. Do we want to send the phone number and name of someone  
in a
call center that answers a call? If a secretary answer's the boss  
phone by call pickup,
do we send the secretary's caller ID?

I've tried to compile my thoughts and input from various documents as  
well as
a review of "gareth"'s work in the bug tracker.

I know that Connected line IDs are supported in EuroISDN. Any  
information about these
functions that I can add in the document is appreciated.

Please take time to review this document, provide additional input and  
we can
summarize around next week (after the fourth of July weekend in the  

This will be integrated into svn trunk, since it's a massive change to  
modules as well as the core of Asterisk. It won't be part of 1.6.0,  
but I'm sure we can provide a
backport for that branch too. Let's not focus on that in this  

For those of you in the States: Have a nice Fourth of July weekend!
For the rest of you: Have a nice summer weekend!


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