[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 1.4.18-rc2 Now Available

Matt Riddell matt at venturevoip.com
Wed Jan 30 17:25:44 CST 2008

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Russell Bryant wrote:
> Atis Lezdins wrote:
>> When running valgrind - i often got "show channels" displaying nothing
>> or just few lines and then breaking (without total sum of channels).
>> I've seen this "show channels" behavior  under high load, within
>> previous versions. Does "show channels" have some kind of name
>> validity check?
> Keep in mind that valgrind slows down the application _a lot_.  You will reach
> high load much sooner than you would running without it.  It does make sense
> that some of the behavior you are seeing could happen.  If the channel walk code
> waits too long for the lock on a channel, it will skip it.  Though, it generally
> doesn't happen unless there is a deadlock.  However, you certainly should always
> see the summary printed at the end no matter what ...
We're seeing some pretty horrid graphs from our predictive dialer which
is doing show channels concise.

Basically channel count drops from 200 to 0 and then back to 200 in the
blink of an eye - we don't even parse it unless we get the "response
complete" message (or whatever it is).

Some of the machines are pretty highly loaded.

Is there any way we can increase the amount of time it waits for a
channel lock, or stop it from reporting the data if it is unable to
present it correctly?

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