[asterisk-dev] Rhino incorporating into zaptel tree

Bob bob_co at cox.net
Sat Jan 26 19:11:29 CST 2008

I have to ask the question to the group. 

Why would anyone consider adding our (Rhino) code to zaptel when they
compete with Digium who maintains the repo?

We would still be responsible for maintaining our code. I'm pretty sure that
this move would not get us any help from the community. We maintain and
support our stuff very well today. Thank you.

We have all filed the required disclaimers with Digium. There are no legal
issues. We've submitted several patches to zaptel and they have never met
the tree.

We've based our drivers on the works of Mark Spencer and Jim Dixon. Their
names are in the credits of everything we publish that we borrowed this way.
The favor has never been returned. We don't care. I personally think it is
cool to see my code checked in. channum lol

Tzafrir Cohen and Oren Pelled from Xorcom are the only people I know that
have successfully submitted hardware specific code into zaptel that was not
Digium. Those guys are soldiers of this project, and spend WAY too much time
keeping their code in there. They wonder why I don't contribute, and all I
can say to them is that I sleep, and they don't. They are now responsible
for more than %50 of the code.

This topic has been scuttled around in private conversations for a while.
I've never had any direct communications from anyone at Digium. There is
actually a bug report from someone here at Rhino that worked here for a
couple of weeks on this subject.

We are not Chris Lyman. If you want us to take the word "asterisk" off of
everything that we sell, just tell us and we will. As mentioned previously
in this rant, we credit everyone we should. Often. 

We have no intentions of becoming part of zaptel until someone can tell us
why it would be good to do so. We have packages in most Linux distros and
soon BSDs.

We like the fact that zaptel is a trademark that is not held by digium. 

Are there any reasons to put our package into zaptel?

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