[asterisk-dev] Iax Bug in Asterisk 1.2.26?

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Tue Jan 22 06:10:00 CST 2008

Hello again,

sorry for that mail, i´ve found an error in my configuration, the 
database connection in the res_mysql.conf was not working and so it 
comes to the mysql_connection failure.

so the "bug" isnt one anymore. maybe its usefull that the asterisk wont 
die if the database connection isnt working.

best regards

Steve Smith

Stefan Schmidt schrieb:
> Hello,
> We use Asterisk as routing server for several accounts coming over an 
> ser  and also have a hosted virtual pbx also running on asterisk.
> we have  set up another asterisk as failover server  with the new 
> version 1.2.26. There we have the problem if a call is directed to an 
> IAX Trunk (user coming realtime from a mysql database) which is not 
> registered or reachable. If the user is directly configured into the 
> iax.conf file it works. But when it should come from the database the 
> asterisk dies.
>     -- Executing Dial("IAX2/pbx-38", 
> "IAX2/usernamefromdb/someexten|240") in new stack
> Jan 22 11:02:17 ERROR[17395]: res_config_mysql.c:650 mysql_reconnect: 
> MySQL RealTime: Failed to connect database server asterisk on  (err 
> 2002). Check debug for more info.
> multi-00-02*CLI>
> Disconnected from Asterisk server
> the database itself works without any troubles and we had the same 
> problem with a direct dial command and a fix iax target.
> do you need anything more about this problem (debug logs or anything else?)
> best regards
> Steve Smith
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