[asterisk-dev] Iax Bug in Asterisk 1.2.26?

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Tue Jan 22 05:19:58 CST 2008


We use Asterisk as routing server for several accounts coming over an 
ser  and also have a hosted virtual pbx also running on asterisk.

we have  set up another asterisk as failover server  with the new 
version 1.2.26. There we have the problem if a call is directed to an 
IAX Trunk (user coming realtime from a mysql database) which is not 
registered or reachable. If the user is directly configured into the 
iax.conf file it works. But when it should come from the database the 
asterisk dies.

    -- Executing Dial("IAX2/pbx-38", 
"IAX2/usernamefromdb/someexten|240") in new stack
Jan 22 11:02:17 ERROR[17395]: res_config_mysql.c:650 mysql_reconnect: 
MySQL RealTime: Failed to connect database server asterisk on  (err 
2002). Check debug for more info.
Disconnected from Asterisk server

the database itself works without any troubles and we had the same 
problem with a direct dial command and a fix iax target.

do you need anything more about this problem (debug logs or anything else?)

best regards

Steve Smith

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