[asterisk-dev] Iax Bug in Asterisk 1.2.26?

Nic Bellamy nicb-lists at vadacom.co.nz
Tue Jan 22 13:56:43 CST 2008

Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> we have  set up another asterisk as failover server  with the new 
> version 1.2.26. There we have the problem if a call is directed to an 
> IAX Trunk (user coming realtime from a mysql database) which is not 
> registered or reachable. If the user is directly configured into the 
> iax.conf file it works. But when it should come from the database the 
> asterisk dies.

The security bugfix for SIP/IAX realtime added in 1.2.26 tries to 
dereference lots of null pointers - to the point that stock 1.2.26 is 
unusable for me.

There are fixes for this in svn branches/1.2, but not in an official 

I've put the relevant diffs from SVN up as a patch, in case anyone wants 
them who isn't comfortable with diffing around svn revisions:



Nic Bellamy,
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