[asterisk-dev] Release Candidates and Nightly Builds

Matt Riddell matt at venturevoip.com
Sun Jan 20 18:27:25 CST 2008

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Russell Bryant wrote:
> BJ Weschke wrote:
>> 0 with the Nightly Tarballs. I'm indifferent really. Mark myself as a 
>> member of the group of technical geeks that knows if they want the 
>> latest and greatest, they can get it from SVN.
> I would feel the same way about any piece of OSS that I use.  I would expect
> that most people on this list feel the same way.  What I'm trying to find out is
> if there is another group of people we can reach by doing this that would join
> the testing effort.  If we can reach a new crowd this way, then it's probably
> worth it.  I started a poll on -users asking people to let me know if it is
> something that would interest them.  We'll see how it goes.  If the response is
> weak, then I'll probably change my opinion to be that we should just write a
> section on asterisk.org called something like "looking for nightly builds?" and
> explains how to use svn to achieve the same thing.

While you're at it, maybe someone should update:


To change the 1.2 of SVN to 1.4 (or at least add 1.4) - I'm always
deleting the 1.2 and replacing it with 1.4, and don't like the tarballs
because I can't do "svn up".

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