[asterisk-dev] Release Candidates and Nightly Builds

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Sat Jan 19 13:43:36 CST 2008

BJ Weschke wrote:
> 0 with the Nightly Tarballs. I'm indifferent really. Mark myself as a 
> member of the group of technical geeks that knows if they want the 
> latest and greatest, they can get it from SVN.

I would feel the same way about any piece of OSS that I use.  I would expect
that most people on this list feel the same way.  What I'm trying to find out is
if there is another group of people we can reach by doing this that would join
the testing effort.  If we can reach a new crowd this way, then it's probably
worth it.  I started a poll on -users asking people to let me know if it is
something that would interest them.  We'll see how it goes.  If the response is
weak, then I'll probably change my opinion to be that we should just write a
section on asterisk.org called something like "looking for nightly builds?" and
explains how to use svn to achieve the same thing.

Russell Bryant
Senior Software Engineer
Open Source Team Lead
Digium, Inc.

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