[asterisk-dev] Release Candidates and Nightly Builds

Jean-Denis Girard jd.girard at sysnux.pf
Sun Jan 20 21:52:51 CST 2008

Russell Bryant a écrit :
> As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

A bit off topic, but may I ask for bzip2 tarballs?

[jdg at tiare tmp]$ bzme zaptel-1.4.8.tar.gz
Compressing zaptel-1.4.8.tar.gz ... => zaptel-1.4.8.tar.bz2 (1600kb => 
[jdg at tiare tmp]$ bzme asterisk-1.4.17.tar.gz
Compressing asterisk-1.4.17.tar.gz ... => asterisk-1.4.17.tar.bz2 
(11212kb => 10636kb)

There are some places (at least here!) where unlimited and fast internet 
access is still a dream, and a few megabytes here and there can make a 
difference at the end of the month.

Jean-Denis Girard

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http://www.sysnux.pf/   Tél: +689 483 527 / GSM: +689 797 527

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