[asterisk-dev] Unstable releases lately

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Thu Jan 17 10:41:23 CST 2008

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Atis Lezdins wrote:
>> For now i can maybe propose that official bundling and announcing is
>> done like few days after tag is created. First announce it for example
>> on asterisk-dev that this is going to get bundled, so most active
>> people can test a little. I could personally try to launch our
>> automated tests upon new RC, to see if they can crash it.
> I think that's a good plan indeed; when we feel we are ready to make a
> release (except for security vulnerability mitigation) we make the
> release tag(s) in SVN and then announce them here. Two or three days
> later, if there have been no reports of significant trouble we actually
> push out the release.
> Thanks for the simple suggestion, I don't know why we never thought of
> this before :-)

Well it's not quite _that_ simple.  There is more to consider.

We commit patches for bug fixes every day.  What are you suggesting happens to 
those fixes that are for "known issues"?  Oh well, wait until next time?  That's 
the only thing we could do, unless we make changes to how we handle branches and 
tags for Asterisk 1.4 to be just like the plan for 1.6.

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